Racial Equity and Justice Initiative

We continue to be reminded that certain uncomfortable truths about our society are ignored, silenced, and sidelined. Comfort can no longer come at the expense of change for communities of?color.

As global leaders in technology and business, we have an urgent responsibility to dismantle systemic racism and grow opportunities for people confronting it every?day.

Our Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) is a long-term effort to help ensure more positive outcomes for communities of color, particularly for the Black community. We’re beginning with a $100 million commitment. And our commitment will endure until there is enduring?change.

REJI Focus Areas

  • Education Greater access to knowledge opens doors.
  • Criminal Justice Reform Liberty and justice. For?all.
  • Economic Equality Stronger businesses, thriving communities.

Inequality can’t be ignored. We’re committed to helping?create the positive outcomes communities of color?deserve.

Lisa Jackson
Vice President, Environment, Policy and Social?Initiatives


Equitable access to learning, regardless of skin color or zip?code.

The Community Education Initiative delivers coding, creativity, and opportunities to schools across the?country.

Minority-serving institutions continue to have our undivided attention.

One-of-a-kind learning hub at the state-of-the-art Propel Center.

The Apple Developer Academy engineers opportunities for Detroit’s entrepreneurs.

Inspiring the next generation of innovators in?STEM.

Creative expression. In every classroom.

Guides for talking about racial equity in the classroom and?beyond.

Criminal Justice Reform

When the system is unfair to anyone, it’s unfit for?everyone.

Advocates continue to challenge a justice system that disproportionately fails Black and Brown people, and we are supporting their efforts.

We’re donating to?organizations that?are leading the?way, starting with?the?Equal Justice?Initiative.

The Equal Justice Initiative has worked since 1989 to end mass incarceration and defend the basic human rights of America’s most vulnerable people.

Economic Equality

A fair shot and a fair share for the next generation of?leaders.

We’re making more room at the head of the table for Black and Brown businesses.

An Entrepreneur Camp for Black innovators.
For today’s leaders and tomorrow’s.

A greener Earth and a more just economy with our Impact Accelerator.

Partnerships empowering diverse business owners.

Representation. On?all?fronts.

Here’s how we’re showing up for communities of color. With more to?come.

Apple Watch

Black Unity Collection

Apple Music

Rap Life Live


Black-Owned Restaurant?Guides

Apple TV app

Essential: Stories That Honor Black?Lives

Apple News

Special coverage

We have unfinished business in the effort to end systemic racism. Apple will be a force for?change.

Tim Cook

More on racial equity and justice from Apple Newsroom.

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